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  1. Biancat

    Consciousness of Discrimination in Japan Survey

    Hey pals! I am a student at Kyoto University, and I am conducting a survey on the consciousness of (racial) discrimination in Japan for my research. This survey is targeted towards foreigners who have lived/currently living in Japan. The survey is written in both Japanese and English. It...
  2. F

    European Participants for Master Thesis Survey needed

    Hello to everyone :3 My name is Franziska, and I am currently studying at Kobe University finishing my master degree this summer. The topic of my thesis is "Social Integration of Europeans in Japan," and I have prepared a survey to collect opinions and experiences of living in Japan.My thesis...
  3. Z

    Help Restaurant's experience in Japan survey

    Hi all, I'm Pirasa, student in Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. I'm doing research on enhancing restaurant's experience for foreigner in Japan. Would you mind helping me on this 5 mins questionnaire? Restaurant's experience in Japan Thank you : )
  4. Tuna

    Peace Survey from Nagasaki!

    Hello there! I am an ALT in Nagasaki. I'm helping my JHS kids with their Peace Project. (Peace is a big thing in Nagasaki for obvious reasons) They made an English survey to see what foreigners think about Japan, how they perceive peace in general, and if they know that atomic bombs were dropped...
  5. Nebulahime14

    Interest Survey for a Japanese Language and Culture Blog

    Hello! I'm currently planning an education blog covering various topics in Japanese Language and Culture, and I wanted to reach out to an established community for feedback regarding what everyone wants to see covered. I actually meant to post this a few days ago, and the reason why I didn't was...
  6. D

    Which is your preferred method when it comes to learning Japanese?

    Hello! こんにちは! In the moment I'm working out, which method or which combinated methods seems to be the most qualified for acquiring basic understanding of the Japanese language. That's why you would do me a great favour if you take my survey.
  7. P

    Need help on independent study about meat analogue

    Hi there, I'm currently doing an independent study for my Master's degree in Thailand. My topic is to study "Factors Affecting Non-Thais’ Perception and Purchasing Behavior Toward Meat Analogue Products". So, if you don't mind, please spare a few moments to take my survey on the link below...
  8. T

    Tumon Buddy Survey

    Hello Japanese Community!! (: I represent a group of students from the University of Guam. We are graduating this year with a business degree. One of our final projects is to create a sustainable business and present it to business leaders. Our group has chosen to create a business to serve...
  9. W

    Crime and Etiquette in Japan

    I am a student from England who is currently writing an essay on crime and etiquette in Japan and whether they are related, to do this I have created a 5 minute (anonymous) survey aimed at people living in Japan or people who have lived in Japan and would be grateful if you could contribute to...