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  1. G

    Online Degrees in Japan and Experience with them

    Hi everyone I want to study Biotechnology in Japan, but that is Plan A, i'm not sure if i can afford the Costs for living there during study. My Plan B would be an Online Degree while i am working and do the Practical Part at Workplace. But when i search the web, i can't find Online Degrees in...
  2. AkaiRin

    Applying to a japanese uni (undergraduate)

    Hello, I'm Rin, 22 y.o from Israel ^^ I am currently interested in applying for a japanese university in japan, for a degree(学士) in japanese in the field of psychology(BAPSY) . I've found 2 unis that are offering this specific kind of BA - Fukuoka University, And Tokyo Metropolitan University...
  3. D

    Undergraduate Design Universities in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an undergraduate design degree in Australia (I'm just a first year), but I would like to go to Japan for undergraduate design instead. I'm ok with either transferring or reapplying all over again. However, my Japanese is honestly poor, at around JLPT N5. Given...
  4. sukarro

    Your Personal Japanese Language Resource Recommendations?

    I'm half-Japanese, half-British, however have not learned a lot of the language. I have had brief stints in Japan where I attended a language school, however I still can't form coherent sentences. I have now finished high school in the UK and will be spending 6 months or so in Osaka/Kyoto...
  5. V

    placement form field of study

    Hi, anyone knows how to write field of study and detailed field of study in the placement form? right now I have a research proposal that will be shortened in order to fit into the "field of study" form (by omitting references and stuff)... However, there are field of study and detailed field...
  6. traumagotchi

    open japanese study group on facebook!

    hi everyone! i recently made a study group on facebook for those interested in learning japanese together with other people. it only has 5 members as of right now, and we need more! i will be posting many resources to the group often. all you need to join is a basic grasp of english! would...
  7. J

    Study Mandarin and Japanese together

    Hi. Ill keep this short. I have studied Mandarin for about 5 years. Should i begin to learn Japanese ? I would like to hear from english natives that have attempted the same and their opinion. Or just advice from anyone? Will my level of mandarin drop? Is there any need to? I would be...
  8. atsushi horie

    Services Language Exchange Group in Yokohama & Atsugi

    【Language Exchange Group in Yokohama and Atsugi】 DATE:Every Sat or Sun COST:Y500 PLACE:AMYU ATSUGI or somewhere in YOKOHAMA     交通アクセス・駐車場のご案内|アミューあつぎ Hi! I'm Atsushi Horie. I have started a Language Exchange community. We meet on every Sat or Sun at Yokohama or Atsugi. If you want...
  9. A7md

    Immigration Bureau (Certificate of Eligibility)

    Hi guys, I just stumbled upon this forum, and it kinda looks promising ^_^ I had a question regarding applying to Japanese Language schools. I've applied to multiple ones not knowing if I would get accepted or not. Luckily enough I got accepted to all of them and they said they would submit...
  10. fonfon

    Help me out!

    Hello everyone! I am a highschool student from Greece. This is my graduation year! Now here is my dilemma! In Greece when you graduate you take an examination for university selection, which is an extremely difficult examination!:rage: As everyone here(in Greece I mean) I am studying hard for...
  11. C

    Need info on MEXT

    Hi so I'm a recent H.S graduate and just started college. I was looking to transfer to another school and become and exchange student my second year there. (Meaning that I'd go to a partner school and finish my undergraduate term there). But I just discovered MEXT and now i'm just lost. I might...
  12. V

    Looking for learning partner/teacher

    Konnichiwa. ^^ I am looking for someone who is willing to aid me as I learn japanese over time. I already know and recognize a few words, but I am officially starting 10th September with my Japanese studies. I am a 20 year old male from Denmark with interests in Japanese food, Cultural norms...
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