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  1. Yulia R

    Help Taking University Entrance Examination in JAPAN

    Halo everyone, I am applying for MEXT research student 2018 GtoG and other scholarship from Indonesia government. I have contacted the professor and he agreed to accept me as his student. For the Indonesia government scholarship I need unconditional LOA, but the problem is I have to take...
  2. W

    Help anyone applied through MEXT for Graphic Design/Infography

    Hello, i'm planning on applying for Graphic Design or Infography through MEXT but i have no idea what to write on the research/study plan anyone can help me please??? I'm really desperate Thank you
  3. H

    Is a study plan mere formality to gauge your merit?

    When you have to write a study plan or a research proposal either for a uni entrance or scholarship application, does the research plan you propose have to be really carried out after you are accepted, or is it just a matter of formality and assessment? I mean it is not easy to write out a...