1. musicisgood

    The Japanese spouse and with a gaijin spouse

    Any of you fit this description? If so, how soon was it to you that you found out that life in Japan might not be up to par to what you may have imagined. I think one of the first things that I encountered was that I lost being in control of my destiny here. That happened on my 3 rd day here in...
  2. Anatol

    Question Spouse visa extension for only 1 year

    Hi! This is my first post here. I'm just looking for some advice for my next visa extension in Japan. I'm here on a spouse visa. My first visa before entering Japan was a 1 year term which I heard is quite common. I just got my first extension done and received the new residence card today, but...
  3. L

    Extra Delay for a SECOND Spouse VISA Application?

    Hello, (I have posted another question on this forum but this is a separate question that I would like to treat separately so don't worry about the other thread if you have read both please :)) Here is the situation; I am a Canadian citizen. 2007, I got married in Japan to a Japanese...
  4. L

    Spouse VISA with no Work and no Savings?

    Hello, I would like to describe a situation and see if anybody has any similar experience from which to give me any advice :) I am a citizen of Canada, my wife is a citizen of Japan. We have been living in Canada for the past three years. My wife has Permanent Resident Status here in Canada...