1. Anatol

    Question Spouse visa extension for only 1 year

    Hi! This is my first post here. I'm just looking for some advice for my next visa extension in Japan. I'm here on a spouse visa. My first visa before entering Japan was a 1 year term which I heard is quite common. I just got my first extension done and received the new residence card today, but...
  2. Nikosil

    Working opportunities for girlfriend in Japan - Tokyo.

    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask a question regarding my situation, if you'd be so kind as to enlighten me i would be ever grateful to you. I live in Greece and i have most likely won the MEXT Scholarship as a research and degree seeking student for the year 2016 - 2018. I am currently applying...
  3. Davey

    Spouse visa renewal

    Here's the case; my Spouse visa expierce on the 16th of June, and I have to renew it. I already had a look on some websites and found out that I need the following stuff: Does anyone know the name of this application form, and know if I can download it from the internet? 5. what's a...