1. L

    Spouse VISA with no Work and no Savings?

    Hello, I would like to describe a situation and see if anybody has any similar experience from which to give me any advice :) I am a citizen of Canada, my wife is a citizen of Japan. We have been living in Canada for the past three years. My wife has Permanent Resident Status here in Canada...
  2. D

    A Guide to sponsoring someone's visa?

    Hey all, My friend has a video company in Japan and wants to sponsor me to work for her. We need some kind of guide on how to get the Certificate of Eligibility. Does anyone have a website or guide for that? Hopefully a site that gives tips on how to have a better chance of getting it. Thanks!
  3. zsoke

    Cultural activities visa - but what exactly are "cultural activities"?

    Hi everyone, just like many other expats,I would also like to set foot in Japan. Now the easiest way when you don`t have a degree or a sponsor (or both) is to go there on a cultural activities visa. And that`s when my questions come into picture: 1. How do you know if an activity is considered...