1. Lucian Hodoboc

    Japanese antivirus companies

    Other than Trend Micro, do other Japanese companies that produce antivirus software exist? I don't know of any other. Is Trend Micro the only one? 😕
  2. andree.surya

    Online Japanese Dictionary

    Dear fellow Japanese language learners, I would like to share about Kotobyte, an online Japanese dictionary that I built as a hobby project. If you're not happy with the dictionary that you have at the moment, please feel free to check the site out, it might just be the one that fits your...
  3. Z

    Software development jobs in Tokyo (+Contractor roles for foreigners)

    There's a few things I'd like to know about Software dev jobs in Tokyo. For the purposes of this post, assume I know Japanese, as this is a separate issue I have already been reading about. Market for Software devs: Are software devs in high demand? Do several employers fight over you at once...
  4. Japanese Language Resources

    LangTech Japanese Language Resources

    General Software jBrowse: plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that adds furigana and word definitions to Japanese web pages. It’s also a Japanese dictionary and kanji tool. For Windows NT, 2000, XP. Free. Learning Software Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone Japanese Level I is based on associated...