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  1. Neko 2489

    Seeking Help People from Kurashiki - Okayama

    Hi , Im seeking for help ! My friend in Singapore just cut herself just for a heartless jp guy who lives in Okayama , Kurashiki ! The story goes this : They both know each other since last year Oct , they both hit off very fast and they start to communicate almost everyday. And my friend she...
  2. Jean Seah

    Searching for a 2007 exchange student to Singapore from Keio

    Hallo! I know this is a freaking impossible long shot, but in August 2007 I met an 18-year-old guy called Yu at the National Library of Singapore; he was on exchange from Keio, and he had one older sister. He asked me out, but he had just told me that he was only staying for 3 more weeks, and I...
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