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  1. Yanaka Ginza (360 video)

    Travel Yanaka Ginza (360 video)

    Yanaka is one of Tokyo's few neighbourhoods where the local environment, a historic town culture reflective of Tokyo in previous decades, has persisted. There is a feeling of charm and old beauty in the district. It is within a short walk of Ueno Park and offers a unique sightseeing experience...
  2. madeintokyo

    Travel Like Treasure Hunting? Try Nakano Broadway B1F Shops & Market in 360 video

    Like Treasure Hunting? Try Nakano Broadway B1F Shops & Market in 360 video | Made in Tokyo In Nakano, Tokyo, Japan, Nakano Broadway is a shopping mall. Opened in 1966 as a luxury and specialties shopping mall, it became a popular destination for Otaku products (hobbyists and enthusiasts...
  3. madeintokyo

    Travel Like shopping? Try Shimokitazawa Tokyo 下北沢 in a 360 video Walk

    Like shopping? Try Shimokitazawa Tokyo 下北沢 in a 360 video Walk | Made in Tokyo Local favorite of the trendy kids in the area, Shimokitazawa Tokyo (Setagaya Area) is a comfortable activity hub just 5 minutes by train from Shibuya. Formerly an agricultural field, it became a refuge for people...
  4. C

    Question Have a Favorite Online Japanese Store?

    Does anyone buy Japanese things online? If so, do you have a favorite store? Preferred Japanese type of product? Anything annoying about buying from Japan-based online stores? I have an online Japanese store based in Okinawa: Home Page ~ Kenko Leaf Shop I am trying to improve it. This is...
  5. H

    Wanted 海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを日本語で受けていただける方募集しています

    海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを受けていただける東京近郊在住の外国人の方を募集しております。 テストしていただくサイトは英語・中国語(繁体字・簡体字)で作られていますが、受け答えを日本語ででき、協力していただける方を探しております。わずかですが謝礼も用意しております。 ご参加いただける方は、応募フォームに必要事項を記入のうえ、ご都合の良い日時を選択していただき、最後に送信ボタンを押してください。 各日程毎に先着順となりますが、できるだけご希望にそえるよう調整をさせていただき、参加確定した方のみ詳細のご連絡させていただきます。 【詳細】 ■...
  6. godog

    Shops that sell Sugoi Mimikaki Coden Earpick with Cam

    Next week ill be in Japan (kyoto), a week after that ill be in Tokyo. I want to buy this product while im there. It's Sugoi Mimikaki Coden, earpick with camera. Ever seen this product being sold at Aeon and other big malls? What place do you recommend me to get them with best price?
  7. Charbel

    New to the site

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I think it's great that there's a place like this to share experience thoughts and opinions.
  8. Gia-Kansai

    Travel Top Famous Osaka Shopping Spot

    Hi everyone, Osaka is not only for special food but also for popular shopping activities. You can easily find from the top trend fashions to Anime Manga related product or electric products here in Osaka. Hope this list can help your reference when you visit Osaka - Kansai LUCUA – ルクア The...
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