1. Denise Tomas

    Travel Anyone going to Japan in April 2017?

    Hi, I'm travelling with friends on April 2017 (from 14 Apr to 30 Apr). We'll be going to several destinations such as Osaka, Kyoto, Miyajima and Tokyo. I was wondering if anyone could show me or my friends some good places to shop or must see places or maybe to just hang out :giggle: I speak...
  2. RvBVakama

    Placement of word in phase

    I'd imagine if i'm in a shop and I say "dore ga ichiban ninki desu ka" they would understand it as "which is the shops most popular item". What if I were not in a shop and I wanted to specify "product" where would I add "seihin"? Maybe like this "dore ga seihin wa ichiban ninki desu ka" ? Thanks...