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    Shinto and War Interview Questions

    Hey Guys, I'm an IB World Religions student conducting a research paper on Shinto and War/Armed Conflicts. If any of you are Shinto and willing to answer these questions, please respond as soon as possible: Shinto Interview Questions: War and Armed Conflicts As there is no official dogma...
  2. Memor X

    What is the name of this thing that is worn over the Haori and Hakama?

    In Come See Me Tonight 2 the Miko in it wear this during the ceremony before one is chosen to be the Himemiko (Princess Shrine Maiden) now in contrast bellow is what they normally wear thought the game i know the white kimono is called a Haori and the red plated skirt/trousers is called a...
  3. Shintō - The Way of the Gods

    Religion Shintō - The Way of the Gods

    Shintō - the Way of GodsMeaning “the way of the gods”, Shinto (神道 shintō) is the native religion of Japan. It is a form of animism which stresses the importance of harmony between humans and nature. It involves the worship of kami, which could be translated as gods, nature spirits, or spiritual...
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