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  1. Sadowara Castle

    Castle Sadowara Castle

    Sadowara Castle (佐土原城 Sadowara-jō) is located in the former town of Sadowara (nowadays a part of Miyazaki City) south of the Hitotsusegawa River (一ツ瀬川). It is a hirayamajirō, a lowland castle built on a hill. It is not known when the castle was built, but it is assumed that the Tajima (田島家), a...
  2. Kagoshima Castle

    Castle Kagoshima Castle

    Kagoshima Castle (鹿児島城, Kagoshima-jō), also known as Tsurumaru Castle (鶴丸城), is located in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, and was the headquarters of the Shimazu clan. In 1601, one year after the Battle of Sekigahara, the 18th head of the Shimazu clan, Tadatsune (島津忠恒, 1576-1638)...
  3. Chiran Castle

    Castle Chiran Castle

    Chiran Castle (知覧城, Chiran-jō) is a former castle complex in Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture. Chiran was a town located in the Kawabe district. Chiran and the towns of Kawabe (川辺) and Ei (頴娃) were merged into Minamikyūshū (南九州) city in 2007. As seen in the aerial picture above, Chiran Castle was...
  4. Izaku Castle

    Castle Izaku Castle

    Izaku Castle (伊作城 Izaku-jō) is a castle complex in the town of Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture, that was constructed in the 13th century. It served as the headquarters of the Shimazu clan until 1536 when Shimazu Takahisa relocated his base to Ichiūji Castle. (一宇治城) History: Izaku Castle itself...
  5. Ichiuji Castle

    Castle Ichiuji Castle

    Ichiūji Castle (一宇治城 Ichiūji-jō) is a former castle complex located in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. At the beginning of the Kamakura Period, Ki no Shiro Tokikiyo (紀四朗時清), also known as Ijūin Tokikiyo (伊集院時清) was appointed governor of Ijūin County. He constructed Ichiuji Castle where he...
  6. Satsuma Domain

    History Satsuma Domain

    Satsuma (薩摩藩) was a feudal domain located in modern-day Kagoshima prefecture, in southwestern Kyushu. Satsuma was ruled by the Shimazu clan (島津氏, Shimazu-shi), whose fief, the Satsuma han (藩, domain), extended over the provinces of Satsuma (薩摩), Ōsumi (大隅), both comprising present-day Kagoshima...
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