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  1. ジョージさん

    Question Which sentence is more correct?

    Which sentence is correct/more correct? It is meant to say "I only have 5 friends" 1. 五友達だけがあります 2. 友達は五人だけ Or are neither of these sentences correct?
  2. ryloth

    Translation of a quote from animated movie

    I would like to paint the sentence "Time waits for no one" from the animated movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Toki o Kakeru Shōjo) on my Japanese sport car. Is there anyone so kind to show me the correct translation in kanji? Thank you in advance, Gianluca
  3. E

    Need help translating this

    I'm translating a book from Japanese to English to help me to learn some vocab and test my knowledge of kanji and sentence structure. Having trouble with this one: 今日は 初めからツイてる Using dictionaries and translation websites, I've come up with this: " Today was the beginning I'm twisting." Which...
  4. H

    Help Questions about sentence structure / usages

    I have come across some sentence structures that seem to be similar in usage. 彼は若くて、面白いです。 彼は若いし、面白いです。 What's the difference between these? 彼は日本語の本が読めたり、テニスができたりします。 彼は日本語の本が読めるし、テニスができます。 What's hte difference between these? the use of したり and し 毎朝ジョギングをしています。 毎朝ジョギングをします。 What's the...
  5. H

    Help Questions about Particles in these Sentences

    I have some problems with particles in these sentences: 道を渡るとき、車に気を付けてください why is に used instead of を for the particle after 車? ここに触ると、CDが出ます。 This is a scenario of pushing a button to get the CD out of a CD player. Why is が used instead of を? I'm really having a hard time for particles...
  6. AdamOfTheSky

    Does my sentence make sense?

    階段の上から下りる Kaidan no ue kara oriru or Kaidan no ue kara ni oriru or something else
  7. E

    Is this Japanese sentence alright or completely unnatural?

    Hi people, I got a question for you! Whenever I am doing my introduction in Japanese I'm often asked why I begun studying Japanese and such. Now, I want to say that I've been interested in different Asian cultures from a young age, but that my interest for Japanese culture grew during my high...
  8. P

    Is this sentence correct?

    Hello, I wanted to ask if these sentences are correct: "What is the meaning of my life" 僕の人生の意味は何ですか? thanks
  9. Random teach

    Help with a sentence structure

    I'm writing a description for a Fiverr gig which includes proofreading and sprucing up CVs and it goes like this: Today's job market is a tough one. More and more people have access to higher education while employers flip through dozens of impressive resumes... and the one that catches their...
  10. Nildro-hain

    Translation help needed

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this sentence. It is from a book I'm trying to read (probably still too difficult to me) I can't understand it and it's frustrating.  自己への執着も他者への愛情も、その終結すら、自分にはあきらめるよりほかできないことを知って、悲嘆するよりも直江は、おのれという人間の、このどうしょうもない最後の真実にひれ伏すより以外、術がなかった。 What I know is: 自己 =...
  11. Cecaniah

    Help me with this sentence??

    Hi guys. I had to translate this to a practice exercise and I don't know if it's right! Next week, I'm thinking about meeting the friends and going sing in a karaoke. 来週、友達と会ってカラオケで歌に行こうと思っています。 Is it correct? Can you help me? Thank you so much!!
  12. N

    Merchant of Venice

    I came across the following quote, said to be taken from the Merchant of Venice: I do not understand this quote. I tried finding the exact lines in which it appears, searched for it in the text (probably a different translation) and tried to find the english equivalent but to no avail. Can you...
  13. Goldfire20

    Help with a sentence?

    Hi, I am trying to write a text and I want to express that: "From Stockholm, it takes about 50 minutes by train (to get there)" The only sentence I can come up with is this: ストクホルムからは電車で50分ごらいかかります Is this sentence correct? And is there a better way to say it?
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