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searching for someone

  1. K

    Looking for VERY long lost family

    I am looking for any family I might have in Japan. I have limited information, but I figured it was worth a shot anyway. My grandmothers name is Kazuko Fukimbara (maiden name) she left home around the 1960s (I believe) to come to America with my grandfather Richard Stockham. From my knowledge...
  2. Mlf17

    Looking for Friend in Tokyo, Japan

    My name is Mary Ferguson, i am located in the US and i am looking for a friend who lives in Tokyo, Japan. His name is Seiji Maruko. Last time I was in touch with him was a few years ago while he was on a business trip here in the US. We communicated a few times afterward and then nothing... All...
  3. L

    Search for my father's mom and sister. Family name: Kohzai

    Hi, I am Lucky Kohzai (Lucky is just a nickname of mine in case if I'm dealing with the right people or not). Let me briefly introduce him and me: I live in the Philippines with a half Filipina and half Japanese blood. My father is named Hirofumi Kohzai (or Kozai), he is a pure Japanese descent...
  4. F

    Searching for Etsuko

    Hi all, if anyone knows something about this please reply!!! It's been an year since I'm trying to find some infos but it seems like the infos completely disappeared from reality! The person I'm trying to find some infos about is my great great grandmother who came from Japan and married my...
  5. A

    Looking For An Old Friend

    Hey, I used to live in Japan back in the 90-ies, and I was a resident of Iwatsuki, Saitama. There, I befriended the daughter of the manager of a restaurant named Furin Kazan. Her name is KUMIKO ITO. If anybody knows her, please inform me and tell me how to contact her.
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