1. The Satsuma Rebellion: The Last Stand of the Samurai

    Manga The Satsuma Rebellion: The Last Stand of the Samurai

    A gripping graphic novel describing the uprising of 1877, when the old style samurai were crushed in a bloody conflict with the imperial army that ended samurai power in Japan Award-winning comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson and acclaimed manga artist Akiko Shimojima team up to tell the...
  2. D

    Older Pottery: Please translate

    Hello my name is Ivan I am looking for someone to translate this image for me
  3. Komatsu Tatewaki

    Biographies Komatsu Tatewaki

    Also known under the name Komatsu Kiyokado (小松清廉), Tatewaki (小松帯刀, 1835-1870) was born as the third son to Kimotsuki Kiire (肝付兼善), a high-ranking retainer of the Satsuma domain with an annual rice stipend of 5,500 koku (石), and was later adopted by Komatsu Kiyoshi (小松清), another retainer of the...
  4. Terashima Munenori

    Biographies Terashima Munenori

    Born into a samurai family from Akune City, Satsuma domain (modern-day Kagoshima Prefecture), Terashima (寺島宗則, 1832-1893) studied rangaku (蘭学, “Dutch studies” consisting of Dutch language and European sciences) in Edo and specialised in Western medicine. In 1856, he was appointed a personal...
  5. Godai Tomoatsu

    Biographies Godai Tomoatsu

    Godai Tomoatsu (五代友厚, 1836-1885), also known as Godai Saisuke, was born in the castle town of Kagoshima, Satsuma domain (modern-day Kagoshima Prefecture), as the second son of Takashi Shigeru Saemon (左衛門秀尭), a local magistrate holding the hereditary title of atai (直, regional administrator) and...
  6. Satsuma Domain

    History Satsuma Domain

    Satsuma (薩摩藩) was a feudal domain located in modern-day Kagoshima prefecture, in southwestern Kyushu. Satsuma was ruled by the Shimazu clan (島津氏, Shimazu-shi), whose fief, the Satsuma han (藩, domain), extended over the provinces of Satsuma (薩摩), Ōsumi (大隅), both comprising present-day Kagoshima...
  7. Kuroda Kiyotaka

    Biographies Kuroda Kiyotaka

    Satsuma samurai and Meiji statesman Born into a samurai family from Satsuma (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture) in the service of the Shimazu daimyō of Kagoshima, Kuroda (黑田清隆, 1840-1900) was one of the retainers involved in the Nagamugi Incident in Yokohama (see text box below). Kuroda also...
  8. Matsukata Masayoshi

    Biographies Matsukata Masayoshi

    Satsuma samurai and Meiji politician Matsukata (松方正義, 1835-1924) was born into a samurai family from Satsuma (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture), started to work as a bureaucrat in the domain administration and then studied western science and surveying in Nagasaki. Ōkubo Toshimichi and Saigō...
  9. Okubo Toshimichi

    Biographies Okubo Toshimichi

    Satsuma samurai and Meiji politician Okubo Toshimichi (大久保利通 (1830-1878) was a Japanese statesman and one of the Satsuma samurai who supported the Meiji Restoration. He is commonly regarded as the progressive driving force behind the new Meiji state, despite his authoritarian and often...
  10. Saigo Takamori

    Biographies Saigo Takamori

    The Last Samurai: an unswerving rebel Born in Kagoshima in the Satsuma Domain (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture), Saigō Takamori (西郷隆盛, 1828-1877) was one of the pro-imperial samurai supporting the Meiji Restoration. He has often been called the “last true samurai”. Saigō was the eldest of...