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  1. thomas

    News Dozens of horses suffer sunstroke at Fukushima samurai event

    Today, the Soma Nomaoi Festival organisers in Fukushima Prefecture said that they were considering changing the dates for the gathering next year after sunstroke affected 111 animals, killing two of them. Last year, one horse died at the event. Photo credit: Kyodo...
  2. H

    伊賀同心 (石高)

    今は服部半蔵と、江戸に移って間もない頃の徳川家康に仕えた忍者について調べています。 天正年間に伊賀同心と30人の与力たちが結成された後、服部半蔵正成の部下の石高はどうなっていたのでしょうか? また、伊賀同心や与力の給料を支払ったのは、徳川家康なのか、服部半蔵正成なのか?
  3. S

    Question Old Japanese sword

    Hi. I was gifted an old Japanese sword from a veteran. It’s in pretty bad shape but does look authentic. Can anyone tell me something about it?
  4. JREF

    History Samurai (侍)

    Samurai (侍) – the feudal Japanese warrior class. Samurai (侍) were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the late 12th century until their abolition in the 1870s during the Meiji era. They were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo, the...
  5. The Lost Samurai: Japanese Mercenaries in South East Asia, 1593–1688

    History The Lost Samurai: Japanese Mercenaries in South East Asia, 1593–1688

    The first ever account of Japanese overseas mercenaries, including material never before translated into English, was written by a renowned and highly respected expert. The Lost Samurai reveals the most remarkable untold story of Japan's legendary warrior class, which is that for almost a...
  6. An Illustrated Guide to Samurai History and Culture

    History An Illustrated Guide to Samurai History and Culture

    The ultimate visual guide to Samurai history and culture! The Samurai are continuously celebrated as the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. They ruled Japan for centuries, finally uniting the nation after a prolonged period of brutal war and bloodshed. Though famed for their loyalty...
  7. The 47 Ronin - A Graphic Novel

    Manga The 47 Ronin - A Graphic Novel

    In Japanese history, a graphic novel version of the most dramatic example of bushido - the samurai code. In the eighteenth century, forty-seven samurai avenged the death of their master in a plot that would take over two years to complete. After succeeding in their mission, the masterless...
  8. Samurai - A Concise History

    History Samurai - A Concise History

    The idea of the sword-wielding samurai, beholden to a strict ethical code and trained in deadly martial arts, dominates popular conceptions of the samurai. As early as the late seventeenth century, they were heavily featured in literature, art, theatre, and even comedy, from The Tale of the...
  9. A History of the Samurai

    History A History of the Samurai

    A History of the Samurai tells the complete story of Japan's legendary warrior class from beginning to end - an epic tale of intrigue, bloodshed and bravery that is central to an understanding of the Japanese character and of Japanese history. It describes in detail the core Samurai philosophy...
  10. Legends of the Samurai

    History Legends of the Samurai

    In Legends of the Samurai, Hiroaki Sato confronts both the history and the legend of the samurai, untangling the two to present an authentic picture of these legendary warriors. Through his masterful translations of original samurai tales, laws, dicta, reports, and arguments accompanied by...
  11. O-umajirushi: A 17th-Century Compendium of Samurai Heraldry

    History O-umajirushi: A 17th-Century Compendium of Samurai Heraldry

    A translation of a unique 17th-century compendium of samurai heraldry annotated with the symbolism and stories behind the banners. O-umajirushi is the earliest surviving colour compendium of Japanese crests and heraldry. At the time, woodblock printing was just starting to allow for widespread...
  12. Tour of Duty: Samurai, Military Service in Edo, and the Culture of Early Modern Japan

    History Tour of Duty: Samurai, Military Service in Edo, and the Culture of Early Modern Japan

    Alternate attendance (sankin kotai) was one of the central institutions of Edo-period (1603–1868) Japan and one of the most unusual examples of a system of enforced elite mobility in world history. It required the daimyo to divide their time between their domains and the city of Edo, where they...
  13. Old Japan: Secrets from the Shores of the Samurai

    Culture Old Japan: Secrets from the Shores of the Samurai

    Japan has often been thought of as a closed country, but before the country was closed in 1635 many travellers from the West were able to experience its unique traditions and culture. Their accounts speak of legends of powerful dragons and devils, tales of the revered emperor and the protocol...
  14. Nomura Samurai House

    Travel Nomura Samurai House

    The former residence of the Nomura family (野村家) is located in Nagamachi, the bukeyashiki or samurai quarter of Kanazawa, a quiet district characterised by its long straight mud-daub walls topped with traditional wooden slats called kobaita (小羽 板) and covered with straw mats (こも komo) in winter...
  15. Japan: The Ultimate Samurai Guide

    Culture Japan: The Ultimate Samurai Guide

    Part Samurai history, part martial arts guide, this is THE book for anyone interested in Japan's fabled Samurai culture. Author Alexander Bennett is the ultimate insider, holding multiple black belts in Kendo and Naginata as well as a Ph.D. in Japanese literature and history. In this book, he...
  16. Lords of the Samurai

    History Lords of the Samurai

    Japan's samurai were professional soldiers, but they could also be cultivated artists, writers and philosophers. "Samurai" means "he who serves," and these fierce warriors acted in the service of powerful feudal lords known as daimyo ("great name"). Among the most important daimyo families were...
  17. J

    What does the symbols mean in the video in 1:38 youtube search: "50 Samurai Tattoos For Men"

    video link ends with "waQ"
  18. Sumiken


    SumiKen on the App Store SumiKen is an endless samurai game drawn in Japanese sumi-e painting style. This game features fast paced samurai slashing action set in the beautiful landscape of Japan. The game mechanic is an easy to learn, but difficult to master swipe system which require precise...
  19. Klinkov

    Hagakure translations

    Hello dear friends. Many of us noticed the Hagakure after Yukio Mishima's works. Many other noticed that book after the American movie "Ghost Dog". Other maybe already knew its importance or heard about this text through the sphere of Martial Arts. The reason of this topic is to declare the...
  20. Ninomaru Goten

    Ninomaru Goten

    Samurai armour displayed in the Ninomaru Goten in Kakegawa
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