1. thomas

    Travel News Cherry blossoms in autumn

    Climate change and global warming (if related) do have their bright side: visitors to Japan are now able to view cherry blossoms in autumn: Typhoons 'trick' Japan's cherry trees into blooming months early Extreme weather thought to have stripped trees of their leaves, which usually secrete...
  2. Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017: Sky Tree as seen from Kikukawa, Koto-ku
  3. Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017: Monzennakacho
  4. Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017: Yūtenji Temple (祐天寺) in Nakameguro
  5. Sakura 2017

    Sakura 2017

    Cherry blossoms in Chidori-ga-fuchi
  6. H

    Travel Sakura viewing spots in Saitama

    Can someone please give me references about cherry blossom viewing spots within Saitama area? I would be very thankful if you also tell me the best viewing date.
  7. Sakura Castle

    Travel Sakura Castle

    Sakura Castle (佐倉城 Sakura-jō) is located in the city of Sakura in Chiba Prefecture and was constructed on the 30-meter-high Kashima plateau. Due to its elaborate use of the natural topography, it was an impregnable location surrounded by marshes and rivers. The map is based on Google Earth...
  8. Rekihaku


    The main building of the National Museum of Japanese History in Sakura City, Chiba.
  9. Godzilla


    Godzilla, an icon of Japanese pop culture
  10. Meiji-era flats

    Meiji-era flats

    Flats from the Meiji era on display at the Rekihaku
  11. Traditional kitchen

    Traditional kitchen

    Traditional kitchen from the late Meiji / Taisho Period
  12. Darumasan


    Darumasan on display at the Rekihaku
  13. Manekineko


    Manekineko of all kinds on display at the Rekihaku
  14. Rekihaku


    Tutelary deity
  15. Kappa


    Model of a kappa
  16. Rekihaku


    Folkore artifacts from Japanese matsuri
  17. Rekihaku


    Folkloristic artifacts from Senritsu
  18. Folklore


    Scene depicting a lion dance on display at the Rekikahu
  19. Kitamaebune


    A coastal trading boat called Kitamaebune, ships that linked Osaka and Kyoto with the Ezo Islands, the northern regions of Japan
  20. Edo diorama

    Edo diorama

    A large diorama of Edobashi in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) on display at the Rekihaku