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  1. Exploring the World of Japanese Craft Saké

    Culture Exploring the World of Japanese Craft Saké

    This stunning guide invites you into the story of sake—an ancient beverage finding its way in a modern world. Whether you're a sake novice or an experienced connoisseur, Exploring the World of Japanese Craft Sake offers fascinating insights, practical tips, and rich stories about this popular...
  2. thomas

    Japanese sake embraced abroad

    Good news for sake lovers: France embraces Japanese sake as a match for lighter modern cuisine. :) https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Food-Beverage/In-land-of-Champagne-Japanese-sake-becomes-toast-of-the-town
  3. thomas

    Bandai Jozo to produce Edo-era sake

    On 19 April, Izu-based sake brewery Bandai Jozo launched a new sake based on brewing techniques dating back to the early 17th century. Their 'Egawashu' (江川酒) is described as fruity and sweet. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2021/04/27/food/feudal-era-sake/...
  4. Sake Glossary

    Cuisine Sake Glossary

    A Akiagari (秋あがり): sake brewed in early spring and stored during summer; around September, when the outside temperature and the temperature of the sake are about the same, the sake is released without being pasteurized the second time (hi-ire). The main characteristic of this sake is a deep...
  5. Senkin Rishun Asashibori

    Senkin Rishun Asashibori

    Senkin Rishun Asashibori, namazake produced by Senkin Brewery in Tochigi. Consumed with Maciamo in Odawara in October 2018.
  6. thomas

    Kosher sake pours into Japan

    This is an interesting piece on a Gifu-based sake brewery that produces kosher sake. Actually, there are several Japanese breweries that have the kosher certificate. Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/kosher-sake-pours-into-japan/ar-BB1bQKAL http://www.funasaka-shuzo.com/ Here's an...
  7. The Japanese Saké Bible

    Culture The Japanese Saké Bible

    The Japanese Sake Bible is the ultimate book about Japan's national drink - from its history, culture and production methods to how to choose the best sake and recommended food pairings. Author Brian Ashcraft—the author of the popular guide Japanese Whisky—has put together lively commentaries...
  8. Sake - the Japanese national beverage

    Cuisine Sake - the Japanese national beverage

    Sake (also spelt saké) is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. Despite the name, Japanese rice wine, sake, and indeed any East Asian rice wine (such as huangjiu and cheongju), is produced by a brewing process more akin to that of beer, where...
  9. JREF

    The Story of Sake 2020-02-18

    The history, production, consumption, and evaluation/degustation of Japanese rice wine presented by the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB 酒類総合研究所 ).
  10. The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

    Culture The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

    Japan is home to some of the world's most interesting alcoholic beverages—from traditional Sake and Shochu to Japanese whisky, beer, wine and cocktails that are winning global acclaim and awards. In this comprehensive survey of Japanese drinks, experts Stephen Lyman and Chris Bunting cover all...
  11. Japanese Drinks

    Cuisine Japanese Drinks

    Drinking plays a significant role in Japanese culture, and the Japanese drink a lot: not only green tea in the office, at meetings and with meals but also all types of alcoholic beverages in the evening with colleagues and friends. Sociologists have theorised that in a strictly conformist...
  12. Aizu Sake Museum

    Museum Aizu Sake Museum

    The history of sake-brewing in Aizu goes back to the sixteenth century when Gamō Ujisato (蒲生氏郷, 1556-1595) came into Aizu by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉) and invited sake brewers into the domain. Since the climate as well as the primary local ingredients, water and rice, are perfectly...
  13. perttulip

    Anyone know this sake brand?

    I'm so poor with Japanese that anyone who can tell the brand in romaji, please help me.
  14. thomas

    Enkai Kibun

    Japan brewer hopes drivers get into "Party Mood" With Japan's end-of-year party season about to get under way, one sake brewer is hoping its latest product will help people get home safely after enjoying the festivities. Enkai Kibun or "Party Mood", due to go on sale on December 12, is the...
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