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  1. Usui Castle

    Travel Usui Castle

    Usui Castle (臼井城) is a hilltop castle near present-day Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. Its ruins are now part of Usui Castle Park. The castle is located on a plateau overlooking Lake Imbanuma to the north-east. According to legend Usui Tsuneyasu (臼井常安, 1106-1168) founded the castle. The...
  2. AlexTotanes

    Finding Sakai family from Fukuoka

    Good afternoon Sir/Mam,Can you spare a bit of your time to read this.I'm Alexander B. Totanes from the Phillipines.I'm just wondering if you have known a person under the name of Dr.Jun Sakai (who worked here in CLSU - Central Luzon State University in Munoz Nueva Ecija province in the...