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saga of the samurai

  1. Shingen - The Conqueror; The Kai Takeda 5  (1559 - 1568)

    History Shingen - The Conqueror; The Kai Takeda 5 (1559 - 1568)

    Shingen - the Conqueror, takes the reader a further 10 years into the life of Shingen. In this volume the fighting in Shinano and Kozuke will be the main focus, but also other subjects will be presented. The kagemusha legend, the family codex for the Takeda clan, the shinobi (spy) network and...
  2. Shingen in Command: The Kai Takeda 1549-1558

    History Shingen in Command: The Kai Takeda 1549-1558

    Takeda Shingen's history, which began in Saga of the Samurai: Takeda Shingen, continues in Saga of the Samurai: Shingen in Command. The military exploits of one of the most famous Takeda clan leaders begins in 1549 and continues in this volume through 1558. This volume also explores the history...
  3. Takeda Shingen The Kai Takeda

    History Takeda Shingen The Kai Takeda

    Takeda Shingen is both the third book in the Saga of the Samurai series and the third installment in the history of the famous Takeda clan. In this book the saga of the Takeda continues with the introduction of the best known member of the Takeda Family, Takeda Shingen. Shingen's life was one of...
  4. Takeda Nobutora: The Kai Takeda 1494-1574

    History Takeda Nobutora: The Kai Takeda 1494-1574

    Beginning where Takeda Rises to Power ends, Takeda Nobutora, the Unification of Kai, leads the reader into the Sengoku Jidai, one of the most turbulent periods of Japanese history. This 150-year period began with the Onin War, which lasted from 1467 to 1477. Families of all sizes battled during...
  5. Takeda Rises To Power

    History Takeda Rises To Power

    The Saga of the Samurai is a multi-volume series bringing to life the little-known histories of the key samurai families of importance during the Sengoku Jidai (1467-1615), a 150-year period of nearly constant strife within Japan. The first book explores the beginning, and early history of the...
  6. Gamô - The Struggle Begins

    History Gamô - The Struggle Begins

    In this first volume of two on the Gamô clan from Ômi province, Terje Solum traces the family origin and follows the clan and its members through the turbulent centuries leading up to 1557. Along with the Gamô there is a lot of information on many other families from Ômi, the Asai, Sasaki...
  7. Saga of the Samurai: Interview with Terje Solum

    History Saga of the Samurai: Interview with Terje Solum

    Terje Solum is the author of the series "Saga of the Samurai". Over the past 14 years, he has published six volumes on the Kai Takeda clan. In late autumn, he will release his next volume dedicated to the Ōmi Gamō. We interviewed Terje in August 2017. Q: Tell us a bit more about your...
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