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  1. Romanization, phonemes, and morae

    TYJ Romanization, phonemes, and morae

    1.2.1. Romanization Writing Japanese with the Latin alphabet is called Romanization. Japanese people use kana and kanji to write Japanese, and they aren't always able to write Romanized Japanese. Romanization is used mainly for non-Japanese. Vowels in Romanized Japanese are based on Latin...
  2. Romaji: the romanisation of the Japanese language

    Language Romaji: the romanisation of the Japanese language

    Romaji (ローマ字 rōmaji) means “Roman letters” in Japanese and refers to the romanisation of the Japanese language, the application of Roman letters to write Japanese. Romaji is commonly employed in Japanese texts aimed at non-Japanese speakers who cannot read kanji or kana (in road and train...
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