1. Janie.d

    Radio Ramen Podcast

    If you're into garage punk, rockabilly, post rock, jazz fusion and blues there is a great bilingual podcast which kicked off 2 weeks ago called First interview was so cool with Baitones and am crazily into Vivarta (ep 2). I have heard Pistol Jazz is going to on soon....reckon...
  2. Y


    Hi there, I would like to introduce this artist from my country. His name is Lightning. Inspired by visual kei he is the first one from Reunion Island who has signed with a japanese record label and he already worked with big people. He is actually produced in Japan. Here is his music video ...
  3. Shimesaba

    Wanted Band members required (for Japanese Blues Rock'n'Roll band)

    こんにちは。 (If I'm putting this article in a wrong place, it will be very appreciated if you let me know.) This is Shimesaba(My nickname) who's 27 years old guy livin'in Ikebukuro. I came back to Japan from the UK after staying there for 2 years. I'm looking for band members as below. Now I've...