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  1. Hokokuji Temple

    Hokokuji Temple

    The moss garden at Hōkoku-ji.
  2. Hokokuji Temple

    Hokokuji Temple

    Hōkoku-ji (報国寺) is an old temple of the Rinzai sect (Kenchō-ji school) of Zen Buddhism located in Kamakura. It is famous for its bamboo garden and also known as "Bamboo Temple" (竹の寺). Here, Yakuimon (薬医門), the temple gate.
  3. Meigetsuin Temple

    Temple Meigetsuin Temple

    Meigetsu-in (明月院), or officially Fugenzan Meigetsu-in (福源山明月院), is a Zen temple of the Kenchoji branch of the Rinzai school, one of the three Zen sects of Japan. The temple, famous for its irises and hydrangea (紫陽花 ajisai) is also known as Ajisai-dera. Hydrangea bloom in Japan's rainy season...
  4. Drenching


    Sengai's "Drenching"
  5. Bodhidharma


    Sengai's "Bodhidharma"
  6. Dog


    Sengai's "Dog"
  7. Yawning Hotei

    Yawning Hotei

    Sengai's "Hotei Yawning"
  8. Frog


    Sengai's "Meditating Frog"
  9. Ebisu


    Sengai's "Ebisu", the Lucky God of fishermen and merchants, holding a rod with a large red snapper
  10. Tiger


    Sengai's "Tiger"
  11. Hotei


    Sengai's "Hotei Pointing at the Moon"
  12. Kanzan and Jittoku

    Kanzan and Jittoku

    Sengai's "Kanzan and Jittoku"
  13. Self-portrait


    Self-portrait of Sengai
  14. Circle, Triangle and Square

    Circle, Triangle and Square

    Sengai's most famous drawing, Circle, Triangle and Square.
  15. Sengai Gibon

    Art Sengai Gibon

    Sengai Gibon (仙厓義梵, 1750-1837) was a Zen painter and calligrapher whose ink drawings are characterised by a warm, satiric and often self-critical humour. He was born into a family of poor farmers in Mino (modern-day Gifu Prefecture) and became a monk of the Rinzai School of Buddhism at the age...
  16. Momiji


    Momiji at Engakuji Temple in Kita-Kamakura
  17. Engakuji Temple

    Temple Engakuji Temple

    The Engaku-ji (円覚寺), officially known as the Zuirokuzan Engaku Kōshō Zenji (瑞鹿山円覚興聖禅寺), is the head temple of the Engakuji branch of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism and one of the most important Zen Buddhist temples in Japan. It is located in Kita-kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Engakuji was...
  18. Ryoanji Temple

    Temple Ryoanji Temple

    The Ryoanji Temple (竜安寺 or 龍安寺, Ryōan-ji, “Temple of the Peaceful Dragon”) is a temple in the Ukyō Ward of Kyoto, belonging to the Myōshinji branch of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. It is most famous for its rock garden in the karesansui (枯山水, “dry landscape”) style. Among its patrons were the...
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