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  1. H

    Imperial verbs/sentences

    I’ve noticed that when you ask someone to do something, you usually add ‘kudasai’ or ‘onegaishimasu’ at the end of the sentence. However, this seems a bit to formal for some situations, and I’ve heard people omit them in their sentences. So what might be a more casual way of asking someone to do...
  2. ChrisVos

    Need help translating a forum post

    Hi All, I am a designer of specialty dice. I just found a few blog posts about some of my dice designs on Japanese websites. I have tried reading them with the help of Google Translate, but the results are not that good. I would really like to know what people are saying about my designs, so I...
  3. Making Requests in Japanese

    Language Making Requests in Japanese

    This is a brief overview of how to make requests in the Japanese language. Inviting someone to do something By using a negative question, you can invite someone to do something. For detailed instructions on how to construct negative forms and question, please refer to the negative forms and...
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