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  1. Kyoumimasu

    New member: Greetings all!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kyoumi Masuhara. I'm 5th generation Japanese-American and enjoy taking taking care of my animals and plants. I'm nonbinary and use they/them. I just entered an online college for pharmacy tech training, but currently work in childcare...
  2. T

    Website about Japan - Provides Lessons too

    Recommending a site that I follow for traveling and learning Japanese culture and everything you need to know about Japan! Goin’ Japanesque! | One-stop guide to everything about Japan They now also offer online Japanese lessons that come with a discussion forum! Sharing with those who are...
  3. xTIDx

    What is good book for learning Japanese? (Language)

    So I've been using Genki and learning a few individual grammar words but Genki seems more suited to class studys than self study, Is there a good book for self learning Japanese language? I've tried looking reviews but they all seem ether biased or it's just the websites trying to sell their own.
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