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  1. Honored and Dishonored Guests: Westerners in Wartime Japan

    History Honored and Dishonored Guests: Westerners in Wartime Japan

    The brutality and racial hatred exhibited by Japan’s military during the Pacific War piqued outrage in the West and fanned resentments throughout Asia. Public understanding of Japan’s wartime atrocities, however, often fails to differentiate the racial agendas of its military and government...
  2. thomas

    Mindo (民度) and the Matter of Black Lives in Japan

    Here's an interesting insight into mindo (民度) and the BLM movement in Japan. Author: John G. Russell is Professor of Cultural Anthropology in the Faculty of Regional Studies at Gifu University. His research focuses on representations of race and gender in Japanese and American popular culture...
  3. Biancat

    Consciousness of Discrimination in Japan Survey

    Hey pals! I am a student at Kyoto University, and I am conducting a survey on the consciousness of (racial) discrimination in Japan for my research. This survey is targeted towards foreigners who have lived/currently living in Japan. The survey is written in both Japanese and English. It...
  4. I

    Racism in Japan

    Why is there so much racism in Japan. And the govt supports it... :eek: This sounds abnormal!! They do travel too!!!!
  5. O

    Racism in Japan

    Its my first time posting at Japan Forum so forgive me if I've misunderstood anything. I wanted to ask about some of the posts I've seen in this forum which to me seem like blatant and quite frightening racism on the part of the Japanese authorities. Foreigners being blamed for crime etc...
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