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    Question Usage of tōten (、) in Japanese

    Hi everybody! I've just finished watching a movie where the main character says these words: 誰かを好きになった時、誰もが抱く、その謎をね。 My translation could be something along these lines: When loving someone, everyone embraces the mystery. Since the leading actor pauses after both 誰かを好きになった時 and 誰もが抱く, I was...
  2. Punctuation

    TYJ Punctuation

    4.6. Punctuation The Japanese period and comma are different in shape from English equivalents. The Japanese period is a small circle, and the Japanese comma is a short line written from upper left to lower right. Kana:おはよう、あきら。 Pitch:L H H H H L L Romanization:O ha yô , A ki ra ...
  3. Japanese Punctuation

    Language Japanese Punctuation

    Punctuation marks are called 句読点 (kutōten) in the Japanese language. Punctuation marks and other special symbols are commonly referred to as 約物 (yakumono). The list below shows the most common kutōten and other yakumono, such as repetition marks (odoriji 踊り字 or jouji 畳字), phonetic marks...
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    Japanese Punctuation

    I've seen this symbol a lot... it's an X with four dots in each corner. What is that thing and what's it used for? Also, can you guys tell me a little bit more about differences between Japanese and English punctuation? I know about Japanese quotation marks, but that's about it. Thanks.