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  1. H

    How to read names?

    Are there any rules to read kanji’s in Japanese names, be they people’s or places’ in terms of 訓読み or 音読み? Some kanji’s in dictionaries have 名乗りreading. Are such readings where available for names only? Do all Japanese names come with kanji’s? If not, are they written in hiragana or katakana...
  2. nice gaijin

    Mixing up L and R? Why this happens in Japanese and other languages.

    I just happened across this video and although there's no one asking the question right now, I wanted to share. It's not really about learning Japanese, nor about the Japanese language specifically, but the way the phonetic of your mother tongue change the way you speak other languages. So much...
  3. H

    Help The use of nostril sound for がぎぐげご

    I have heard sentences where the particle が is pronounced like nga, and other words where がぎぐげご are not the first word, they're pronounced like nga, ngi (not sure if I heard this), ngu, nge, ngo. When does this occur? Is it a form of dialect? Does 標準語 have this kind of pronunciation?
  4. Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce an iOS app which is very useful for learning Japanese, especially Japanese's accent and pronunciation. The app' data is referenced from famous Japanese's websites so that it is completely reliable. Below are the app description and download link, please take a...
  5. Japanese Pronunciation

    Language Japanese Pronunciation

    Japanese pronunciation is comparatively easy to master. There are hardly any sounds in Japanese that don’t exist in English. Also, Japanese is not a tonal language like Chinese or Thai. The simplest way to describe the pronunciation is to use English pronunciation for the consonants and Italian...
  6. yukio_michael

    Pronunciation: 「 失礼します 」

    My querry in this thread concerns the pronunciation of the word, 失礼 (しつれい) shitsurei. It seems as if, even when I had previously heard this word, I wasn't aware that I was hearing it--- I didn't catch it until quite recently. It seems like the first part of shitsu (失) the kanji meaning "to...
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