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  1. Pronouns

    TYJ Pronouns

    8.1. Pronouns You might think learning pronouns after learning verbs and adjectives is strange, because many language courses begin with the pronouns. But as far as Japanese is concerned, you don't have to learn pronouns first, because there is no grammatical difference between pronouns and...
  2. submetal

    Stuck on basic sentences!!

    Hello, I just finished the chapter concerning ''possessive pronouns'' and i really want to move on to a higher level, but before that i want to check the correctness of these senstences i've made.i will be very grateful if you could tell me whether i've made mistakes somewhere Sentence 1...
  3. Personal and Possessive Pronouns

    Language Personal and Possessive Pronouns

    Personal pronouns Although the Japanese language does have personal pronouns (人代名詞 【じんだいめいし】), they are not as commonly used as in Western languages. Using personal pronouns puts a lot of stress on the subject and can often sound either self-centred or accusatory. Instead of using personal...
  4. Anatoli

    Pronouns and addressing each other in a family

    Somehow this seems to be a sensitive topic. Can someone please enlighten me about usage of pronouns in a family or in young couples. "Anata" is exclusive for husband to wife, not the other way around, isn't it? What about the reverse? Is "kimi" too intimate? Also, how do wife and...