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  1. C

    Question Have a Favorite Online Japanese Store?

    Does anyone buy Japanese things online? If so, do you have a favorite store? Preferred Japanese type of product? Anything annoying about buying from Japan-based online stores? I have an online Japanese store based in Okinawa: Home Page ~ Kenko Leaf Shop I am trying to improve it. This is...
  2. C

    Looking for Bloggers or Japanese Stuff Lovers!

    I am running a Japanese goods website, specifically Okinawan goods only. Anything made with Okinawan ingredients or design is sold on my website. Every month new products are added and makeup/scarves/accessories are next up. I am looking for bloggers about Japan or people who just love Japanese...
  3. RvBVakama

    Placement of word in phase

    I'd imagine if i'm in a shop and I say "dore ga ichiban ninki desu ka" they would understand it as "which is the shops most popular item". What if I were not in a shop and I wanted to specify "product" where would I add "seihin"? Maybe like this "dore ga seihin wa ichiban ninki desu ka" ? Thanks...
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