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    Help Pitch Accent for たい and its other forms

    I was wondering how the pitch accent for たい works when added after a verb to show a want for an action, like 行きたい、行きたくない (especially this one)、行きたかった、行きたくなかった Is it a flat tone? or does it go down after た, or does it go down after な, or ?
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    Help Pitch Accent Variations

    I have noticed that for i-adjectives that do not have a flat tone can have two types of pitch accent when their form is changed. For example, 熱い, when changed to 熱くない, it has the accent on the first word, or on the 2nd. Like this link: OJAD - 検索結果 I was wondering which kind of accent is used...
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    Pitch accent with particle も

    I'm not sure if I misheard from anime or not, but I feel like for some certain words, added mo, would change their pitch accent. For instance, 何 and 何も... ((i.e. 何もいない) 誰 and 誰も... (i.e. 誰もいない) This might sound like an odd question to ask. So does pitch accent change with も?