1. alancito10t

    Going crazy with particles! (and +)

    Hi guys! First of all thank you for reading this. I've started Pimsleur two weeks ago and I think I'm making some progress on Japanese. At least, according to the roadmap I have in my mind! I don't know what you think here about Pimsleur (I mean, as a tool for learning the language), and I'm not...
  2. B

    Pimsleur Pronounciation

    So I'm listening to the Pimsleur courses and lamenting the fact there is no transacript for them. Anyway I had some fun with some of their pronounciations to the actual spellings. The main one I've come across that has proved problematic for me is DEWA. On the course they pronouce it JA, is this...
  3. MikeM


    Hey -- My relative bought me all three sets of Pimsleur Japanese for my birthday (3 sets = 90 lessons). Are these any good or are they trash? I am somewhat new to Japanese. Most of my studies have been studying form and I have mastered hiragana and katakana and am working on kanji, which I...