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    Touring a Japanese student tomorrow - help with these translations?

    A group of students are visiting our school tomorrow, and although it's an English trip for them, I'd like to be able to say just a couple of things (also, he says he can't speak much English, so I want a back up). Explanations are welcome, but I don't mind either way. -Do you learn other...
  2. Time in Japanese

    Language Time in Japanese

    Useful phrases related to expressing time (時間 jikan) in Japanese. Phrases What's the time now? 今、何時ですか? Ima nan-ji desuka? How long does it take? どのくらいかかりますか? Donokurai kakarimasuka? At 2 o'clock sharp. 2時ちょうどに 2-ji chōdo ni Temporal prepositions About: about 2 hours (約2時間 yaku 2-jikan)...
  3. Japanese Slang

    Language Japanese Slang

    An alphabetical list of common Japanese slang expressions and colloquial phrases. Most of them are used extensively in daily life. Note that some of them are very rude. We will continually work on expanding this list. If you happen to know other colloquial phrases or expressions, please share...
  4. Health and medicine in Japanese

    Language Health and medicine in Japanese

    Below find a concise list of the most common Japanese terms related to health and medicine. Expressing symptoms Inner Organs Hospitals and medical personnel Medication and drugs Find an overview of Japanese terms relating to body parts here. Expressing symptoms I caught a cold.風邪を引いた。Kaze-o...
  5. Body parts in Japanese

    Language Body parts in Japanese

    Below find a concise list of the most common Japanese terms for body parts. Body and face head頭atamaneck首kubi shoulder肩kataarm腕ude hand手teelbow肘hiji chest胸muneback背中senaka hips, waist腰koshinavel, bellybutton臍heso stomach腹, お腹hara, onakafoot, leg足ashi knee膝hizaankle足首ashikubi toe足の指ashi no...
  6. Common Japanese Phrases

    Language Common Japanese Phrases

    Common Japanese Phrases This is an ever-growing collection of common and useful Japanese phrases. They aim at beginners of Japanese studies, travellers to Japan, and foreign residents alike. Each phrase includes the Japanese transcription and pronunciation. Chapter 1: Greetings Chapter 2...
  7. Useful Phrases and Expressions in Japanese

    Language Useful Phrases and Expressions in Japanese

    Below find a concise list of useful phrases and expressions you can use when travelling in Japan. Phrases--Yesはい。Hai.Noいいえ。IieThank you (informal)ありがとう。Arigatō.Thank you (more formal)ありがとうございます。Arigatō gozaimasu.Thanks for your help.お世話になりました。Osewa ni narimashita.Pleaseお願いします。Onegai shimasu.You...
  8. Japanese Greetings

    Language Japanese Greetings

    Below find a list of the most common Japanese greetings (挨拶 aisatsu). Greeting and Parting EnglishJapaneseRomajiGood morning.おはよう。Ohayō.Hello.こんにちは。Konnichiwa.Good evening.こんばんはKonbanwa.Good night.お休みなさいOyasumi nasai.What's up?何かあった?Nanika atta?How's everything?どうしてる?Dō shiteru?What's...
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