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  1. thomas

    Japan Photos 2020

    It's already February and we haven't started our photo thread yet! 😲 I'm just posting two alibi pictures taken in January, I have it on good authority that @イェンス has more goodies. 😉 This is simply amazing: electric spaghetti around Futakotamagawa. Taken on a Sunday morning commute: an...
  2. R

    Getting old photos scanned

    I am interested to here from anyone who has managed to find a service here in Tokyo which will scan old photos in volume (e.g., 1000 photos) and at a reasonable price (I paid 9 cents/photo in Canada). Thank you for your trouble.
  3. Shazni

    Travel Portrait Session for Traveler

    Hi Guys!! I will be in Japan from September to November, and would love to do some freelance photography job while I'm there. The thing is, I am not sure where to advertise my service for fellow travelers there. What I would like to offer is a few hours of portrait session mainly for travelers...