1. H

    Pitch accent with particle も

    I'm not sure if I misheard from anime or not, but I feel like for some certain words, added mo, would change their pitch accent. For instance, 何 and 何も... ((i.e. 何もいない) 誰 and 誰も... (i.e. 誰もいない) This might sound like an odd question to ask. So does pitch accent change with も?
  2. keshokesho

    「も」 and Verbs

    So, I did a little searching on Google about 「も」, a particle that I almost always see with nouns in the style of 「私も猫が好きです」 or a similarly-focused use, for its presence in verbs. This isn't something I see very commonly, since I just started doing more of an effort to witness and explore...
  3. Goldfire20

    Help Particle confusion...

    I came across this sentence that seemed weird to me (It's from a song so it may just be poetic, who knows). The sentence is this: 2人で海を歌う What confuses me is the を. Doesn't that make the sentence: "The two of us, singing the ocean"? Or does it have a different use that makes the sentence...