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  1. Gia-Kansai

    Travel Top Famous Osaka Shopping Spot

    Hi everyone, Osaka is not only for special food but also for popular shopping activities. You can easily find from the top trend fashions to Anime Manga related product or electric products here in Osaka. Hope this list can help your reference when you visit Osaka - Kansai LUCUA – ルクア The...
  2. Kanpai Japan

    Kanpai Japan

    Hi my name is David and I am from London. In the summer of 2015 I traveled around Japan with my closest friends. It was a country I always wanted to go to but I never realised when I was planning the trip how amazing it was going to be and have such an effect on me. This film is a love letter to...
  3. L

    Foreign Tourists in Osaka

    I think many ask questions because they are planning to travel in Japan, but I want to know about foreign tourists in Japan, especially in Osaka. Osaka is a very popular destination for foreigners, isn’t it? I have been asked my recommendation for foreign friends to visit in Osaka, but there are...
  4. Battle At Osaka Castle

    History Battle At Osaka Castle

    In 1955, the first kaiju (怪獣 kaijū, lit. “strange creature”) battle took place in Godzilla Raids Again (a.k.a. Gigantis the Fire Monster and Gojira no gyakushu “Godzilla’s Counterattack”) between Godzilla and Angilas (Anguirus). To capitalize on the success of Godzilla (1954), this sequel was...
  5. Osaka Bay

    Osaka Bay

    View of buildings around Osaka bay,taken from Columbus ship
  6. Ojizo at Shitenno-ji

    Ojizo at Shitenno-ji

    Jizo statues outside Shitenno-ji, the early Buddhist temple founded by Prince Shotoku Taishi. Osaka, spring 2004.
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