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  1. Umeda Sky Building

    Umeda Sky Building

    Umeda Sky Building in Osaka
  2. Umeda


    Impressions from Umeda
  3. Umeda


    Umeda, Osaka
  4. Yakitori


    Yakitori in Umeda, Osaka
  5. thomas

    Travel News New onsen theme park to open in Osaka

    A new hot spring theme park, the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower, is scheduled to open on February 26, 2019. The facility comprises 16,500 m2 and is housed in Osaka Bay Tower, a hotel formerly known as Osaka Resort City 200 (ORC 200). Its concept is similar to Oedo Monogatari Onsen in Odaiba...
  6. jockeii

    Creative ideas for minimal/budget-friendly wedding in Japan

    Hello everyone, My fiancée and I are currently considering getting married in Japan. She lives in the Philippines, and I live in Canada. Most specifically, we are targeting (ideally) Kansai region. Kyoto is the closest to our hearts, but we are very much open to Nara and Osaka as well, or...
  7. Osaka Subway

    Osaka Subway

    An elderly gentleman deeply immersed in literature.
  8. M

    Need help finding my dad's old girlfriend back in 1989

    Hello there, my name is Max. My father often shared me stories of old girlfriends he dated before he met my mom. Her name was Kiyoko Tamara, she was an exchange student studying abroad in United States during the 1980s. She went to high school in Novato, California and graduated the same year...
  9. JapanJimKobe

    New hear just moved to Kobe Japan

    Hi All, I am James a British guy recently moved to Kobe and wanted to say Hi! I am 38 and here for work and would like to see if anyone else is from the Area? Thanks!
  10. Church of the Light

    Church of the Light

    The Church of the Light is the main chapel of the Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church, a member church of the United Church of Christ in Japan, built in 1989, in the city of Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. This building is one of the most famous designs of Japanese architect Tadao Ando.
  11. Andrew Mize

    Study Abroad

    Hello! I will be studying abroad for the next ten months at Kansai Daigaku in Osaka. If anybody will be in the area in this next year and has an interest in networking please let me know!
  12. OoTmaster

    Japanese Trip in April

    I took my first trip to Japan this April. I went to Japan in April of course for the sakura mostly and to visit a ton of my friends. I had a JR pass so I was able to visit a lot of places. I started in Nagoya, went to Hida-Takayama for a day, then to Osaka, while I was in Osaka I visited Nara...
  13. OoTmaster

    Japanese Trip in April

    Posted here asking for recommendations for cheap hotels a little more than a year ago and never updated everyone on how that turned out. That was because at the time I did not end up going to Japan. I started putting money into other things about that time. Next month though I will be going to...
  14. Kevyn Method

    Travel Traveling to Japan

    Hi, my name is Kevyn, I am 27 and traveling to Japan from May 9-30. I'm excited as well as nervous to have finally made this decision . This is my first time out of the US and I'm traveling solo, so this is an important step for me, or at least that's how I feel. I am staying in Tokyo, and would...
  15. Denise Tomas

    Travel Anyone going to Japan in April 2017?

    Hi, I'm travelling with friends on April 2017 (from 14 Apr to 30 Apr). We'll be going to several destinations such as Osaka, Kyoto, Miyajima and Tokyo. I was wondering if anyone could show me or my friends some good places to shop or must see places or maybe to just hang out :giggle: I speak...
  16. Cham

    Need help identify band or song

    Hello guys. I need help identifying this band's name and their song. would really appreciate the help. thanks
  17. RicePharmer

    Travel First Trip to Japan, HELP!!

    My wife and I are a pair of 20-somethings going on a 2 week vacation to Japan in June. We need help, and a lot of it, making an itinerary. The only thing we know so far is that we will arrive and depart at Narita Airport. We have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do, and we would love...
  18. JohanK


    Hello. I've been reading this forum for a long time and would like to congratulate everybody with passing first. I've got call today from the Embassy being told I've passed the primary screening (interview). They also have mentioned that I still can change the order of the universities in the...
  19. Gia-Kansai

    List Of Some Hidden Sakura Viewing Spots In Kyoto And Osaka

    Usually during Sakura season, the top Sakura viewing spots will attracts thousand of people. It may cause many anxious and maybe not comfortable because it will be too crowded. Here is a list of hidden Sakura viewing spots in Osaka and Kyoto, it is really highly recommend when you try to enjoy...
  20. Gia-Kansai

    Travel Best cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka 2016

    If you are planing to come to Japan especially Osaka for this Sakura season, please don't forget it. Hope you enjoy. 1. Osaka Castle Nearest Station: JR Osakajo-koen, Subway station Tanimachi-4-chome Google Map 2. Banpaku Park Nearest Station: Monorail Banpakukinen-koen, Monorail...
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