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  1. Tuna

    Peace Survey from Nagasaki!

    Hello there! I am an ALT in Nagasaki. I'm helping my JHS kids with their Peace Project. (Peace is a big thing in Nagasaki for obvious reasons) They made an English survey to see what foreigners think about Japan, how they perceive peace in general, and if they know that atomic bombs were dropped...
  2. D

    Osaka or Gunma Maebashi

    Hello JapanReference, Nice to meet you! This is my first time posting here. I decided to make an account because I really need a quick opinion about this matter. I'm going for Japan this October to attend a Language School and I need some opinion about Osaka and Gunma, What are the pros and...
  3. Charbel

    why are so many Chinese people visiting Tokyo?

    I made a project while living in Tokyo, about the recent influx of Chinese tourists to Tokyo. A small team of us went out and conducted street interviews, we got some very interesting answers. If this interests you have a look at the video, and I'd love to know what people think. Thanks!!!
  4. Charbel

    New to the site

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I think it's great that there's a place like this to share experience thoughts and opinions.
  5. T

    Learn japanese is a waste of time?

    I know that many have heard this phrase a lot of times and I'm not searching create conflicts. Years ago I was thinking and very excited in study Japanase. I never did because I was starting the university but now I start to see like a waste of time and specifically, in my case, maybe I should...
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