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    Question Have a Favorite Online Japanese Store?

    Does anyone buy Japanese things online? If so, do you have a favorite store? Preferred Japanese type of product? Anything annoying about buying from Japan-based online stores? I have an online Japanese store based in Okinawa: Home Page ~ Kenko Leaf Shop I am trying to improve it. This is...
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    Online Degrees in Japan and Experience with them

    Hi everyone I want to study Biotechnology in Japan, but that is Plan A, i'm not sure if i can afford the Costs for living there during study. My Plan B would be an Online Degree while i am working and do the Practical Part at Workplace. But when i search the web, i can't find Online Degrees in...
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    Bicycle Registration on Tourist Visa

    Hello all, Like the title stated, I wondering if its possible to register a new bicycle bought online with the police on a 90 day tourist visa. I am aware that you need the recipe of purchase, ID and the actual bike itself to register. However the only form of ID I have is my passport. I do...
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    Should i have a tutor as a beginner?

    Hi. I am interested in learning Japanese. I have travelled to Japan and learned some (very) basic words and sentences etc, and would be interested in continuing. I have studied Mandarin for about 5 years in my own time, and have a growing interest in learning Japanese too. However I know that...
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    Need help filling out E+ Japanese registration form

    I'm trying to register an account on E+, but am having trouble due to not being able to provide the correct formats for things like the zip and phone number. Since I'm living in the US, I have a US phone number and an address that isn't in any of Japan's prefectures. An error keeps occurring...