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    Question Have a Favorite Online Japanese Store?

    Does anyone buy Japanese things online? If so, do you have a favorite store? Preferred Japanese type of product? Anything annoying about buying from Japan-based online stores? I have an online Japanese store based in Okinawa: Home Page ~ Kenko Leaf Shop I am trying to improve it. This is...
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    Looking for Bloggers or Japanese Stuff Lovers!

    I am running a Japanese goods website, specifically Okinawan goods only. Anything made with Okinawan ingredients or design is sold on my website. Every month new products are added and makeup/scarves/accessories are next up. I am looking for bloggers about Japan or people who just love Japanese...
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    Services Professional website design. From 59,000¥

    ShibuWeb is Tokyo web design agency, specializing in web development, website support and online marketing. We have the best web solutions for our clients businesses! We help our clients to increase their sales and expand their customer base on the internet. We create online stores, corporate...
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