1. thomas

    Article: tattoos still taboo

    JT expands on why tattoos are still considered a stigma in Japan and suggests that people’s squeamish attitude towards them will be put to the test at the Olympics in 2020, considering the influx of tattooed foreign visitors and athletes. The hotel we’re staying at here in Osaka plastered their...
  2. Mike Cash

    News ALT Arrested for Being Ignorant

    東京五輪招致ロゴを無断使用した疑い 米国籍の男を逮捕:朝日新聞デジタル A 53 year old American ALT working in Kumamoto has been arrested for selling items containing trademarked Olympic/Parlympic logos via his online shop. He actually only sold a grand total of FIVE items but it was enough to get him arrested. (I just watched his...