1. thomas

    Travel News Enjoy Onsen in Beppu

    The city of Beppu has launched an English-language website promoting hot springs tours to foreign visitors. Oita Prefecture has seen a 2.4-fold increase in foreign tourists between 2013 and 2017, but most of them are Asians travellers on package tours. Hoping to attract more individual visitors...
  2. R

    Looking Tanaka, Hiroyuki of Oita-Shi, Rokubo-Machi

    I am looking for an old friend I knew from when I live in Oita-shi back in 1982. His name is Tanaka Hiroyuki, He would be about 50 years old now and used to live in Rokubo-Machi. Please feel free to contact me at rec1960@yahoo.com if you can tell me how to contact him. Thank you. Bob Corliss
  3. Beppu Winter Panorama

    Beppu Winter Panorama

    View over Beppu, taken in December 2005.