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    Guren no Yumiya

    こんにちわ みんなさん! I have a question concerning the title of a song. This song is called 紅蓮の弓矢 (guren no yumiya). Anime Lyrics dot Com - Guren no Yumiya - The Crimson Bow and Arrow - Shingeki no Kyojin; Attack on Titan - Anime My question concerns the の particle. According to the translation, 紅蓮...
  2. T

    grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix

    hi guys, i 'm tyki and i have a question but i couldn't find the grammar section can someone guide me or provide a link towards the grammar section . i need to post grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix(Not honorifics i dont wanna know bout -san -chan- etc) but i...
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    exact meaning of 気持ちのいい

    Hello everyone, I just stumbled across the sentence 気持ちのいい朝です in the anki deck I'm learning with and was wondering, what the meaning of the particle の in this context was. My dictionary says, 気持ち can either be a noun (meaning "feeling"), or an adverb (meaning "somewhat"). Is the 気持ち in this...
  4. Japanese Nouns

    Language Japanese Nouns

    This is an overview of the use of Japanese nouns. Plural and articles Japanese has neither plural nor articles, which means that the distinction between “the mountain”, “a mountain”, “the mountains”, and “mountains”, is left to the imagination of the listener, or translator. Kanji combinations...
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