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  1. Japanese Buddhist Schools

    Religion Japanese Buddhist Schools

    The major Japanese schools of Buddhism are the Tendai School Shingon School Pure Land Buddhism Nichiren Zen The Tendai School The Tendai School (天台宗 Tendai-shū) was introduced into Japan by the priest Saichō (最澄, 767-822), also knows as Dengyō Daishi 伝教大師). He had entered a monastery at an...
  2. The Advent of Buddhism in Japan

    Religion The Advent of Buddhism in Japan

    The Nihon Shoki (日本書紀), one of Japan’s earliest chronicles, states that Buddhism was introduced to Japan in 552 CE, when the king of Paekche (백제), one of the three Korean kingdoms, sent a mission to the emperor of Japan that presented, among other things, an image of Śākyamuni (Sanskrit...