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  1. MaikaAndrea

    New member here! ^_^

    Min'na konbanwa! I'm Maika, 23, from Philippines. Single-mother to a 1y.o baby boy. I hope we can be awesome friends. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^ I joined this forum to partially ask for advise for moving to Japan with my son. But mostly, I'm seeking new friends! ^_^
  2. Kuroi25

    Help me with a translation, please

    Hello there! I'm trying to translate a song to spanish, but it has some parts in japanese, so I don't know what does it say, could you help me, please? " ...If it isn't the honest side of you, it has no means at all ここから抜け出そうよ... ...Say goodbye to yourself you hate 心のありか 探して...
  3. Julia KaNeko

    Hello! I'm Lady Julia KaNeko, and I'm new here!

    I haven't been on a forum site in years... -AHEM- Hello, everyone! I am Lady Julia KaNeko and today is my first day on here! I am 24 this year, in the U.S. and have high hopes to go to Japan someday once I'm finished with college and get my Bachelor's Degree. I have interests in learning more...
  4. S

    Help with this sentence, please!

    当サイトの開設日4桁と沖田総司さんが亡くなった日付4桁(旧暦)を続けた8桁の数字です。 (The website's opening date is 2015.09.30 - the date Okita Souji died is July 19, 1868) I'm supposed to decipher a password out of this sentence - but I'm not sure how to . . . follow the instructions (?). I might be making a fool out of myself, but...
  5. Anton~

    Yo from DeviantAr-- I mean, Brazil!

    Yo, todo mundo! Sooooo to make the thread short, I've decided to join the forums here after lurking for a while and reading threads on the 日本語 - Learning Japanese. I started self teaching Japanese about two months ago and, since I learn much easier by talking to people and being able to ask...
  6. Kuroi25

    Can someone help me to translate these phrases into english?

    Hello there! I'm translating a song into spanish, but there's some japanese phrases in it and I don't understand what they say, I'd be thankful if you can help me translating them :D Here they are: 雨粒世界を滑る 淡い記憶が押し寄せる 変わらないイメージを見つけ出せたらもう恐れない It's "Stay as Who You Are" by "Fear, and Loathing in...
  7. J

    Should i have a tutor as a beginner?

    Hi. I am interested in learning Japanese. I have travelled to Japan and learned some (very) basic words and sentences etc, and would be interested in continuing. I have studied Mandarin for about 5 years in my own time, and have a growing interest in learning Japanese too. However I know that...
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