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  1. A

    Looking for lost friend -Chikako Yoshioka (Tampo)

    Help Find a Friend Chikako Yoshioka (Tampo) I am looking for a long lost friend that stayed with me as an exchange student in Napier, New Zealand in 1983. She went to my school Napier Girls High School. Her name was Chikako Tampo then. She married Toshi Yoshioka. Back then she lived in Nishi...
  2. CeejayP

    Trying to find an old friend of my parents

    I'm trying to find an old friend of my parents from when I was young. I only have her name, possible maiden name (given the amount of time that's passed since we lost contact with her, it's likely she's married now) and an old address that she probably doesn't live at anymore. Her name is...
  3. PatrickNZ

    Konnichiwa from New Zealand

    Hello, I feel very new on this site and have only looked around a few places so far. I got an email saying my website had been added to the directory (not even sure how to get there from the main page), and thought I should join the forum. I am not especially new to Japan and the language...