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  1. Itasimisete

    Hi! Nice to meet you!

    Hi! My name is Thirsa, I'm currently 23 and I've been born and raised in the small, rainy parts of Europe called The Netherlands. I have been working as a photographer for some years now and I had the luxury of finishing two degrees which gave me a lot of great oppertunities, one of them being...
  2. MaikaAndrea

    New member here! ^_^

    Min'na konbanwa! I'm Maika, 23, from Philippines. Single-mother to a 1y.o baby boy. I hope we can be awesome friends. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^ I joined this forum to partially ask for advise for moving to Japan with my son. But mostly, I'm seeking new friends! ^_^
  3. T

    Hi there!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Teddy, 21 years old male from Philippines aspiring to became a programmer and only started a year ago, I got interested anything related to Japan thru animes i watch which featuring their Culture, History and Music and so when i finished my programming courses this year (it's...