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  1. whitepeas

    New here, hello

    Hi, I'm currently studying Japanese and still a beginner, altho I have memorized Hiragana and Katakana, currently reading more about Kanji altho I might forget some sometimes. Hope to get along with you guys!
  2. Sarah.A

    Hi! Nice to meet you.

    Hello everyone, My name is Sarah and I discovered this place by accident while searching for language resources for Japanese, and I think this has been a great accident, haha. A little about myself, I'm a first year medical student studying in Ireland (19 years old). I'm however from Chicago...
  3. Jinko387

    Hello, my name is Jinko!

    My name is Jinko(This is my online username and not my birth name), I am from Ohio, a state in the USA. I started learning Japanese yesterday. I thought I should find a place that could help me learn Japanese, so I joined here today. 😄
  4. Itasimisete

    Hi! Nice to meet you!

    Hi! My name is Thirsa, I'm currently 23 and I've been born and raised in the small, rainy parts of Europe called The Netherlands. I have been working as a photographer for some years now and I had the luxury of finishing two degrees which gave me a lot of great oppertunities, one of them being...
  5. MaikaAndrea

    New member here! ^_^

    Min'na konbanwa! I'm Maika, 23, from Philippines. Single-mother to a 1y.o baby boy. I hope we can be awesome friends. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^ I joined this forum to partially ask for advise for moving to Japan with my son. But mostly, I'm seeking new friends! ^_^
  6. T

    Hi there!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Teddy, 21 years old male from Philippines aspiring to became a programmer and only started a year ago, I got interested anything related to Japan thru animes i watch which featuring their Culture, History and Music and so when i finished my programming courses this year (it's...
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