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  1. E

    From Italy I'm searching for the woman in the picture from 1977

    Hi, I'm a 37 y.o. italian woman from Italy: going through family's pictures I've found a picture of a Japanese young lady, dated 1977.1.3 . Just said that nobody from my family has never been to Japan, nor any other contacts with japanese people (such as for work reasons, or travels, etc.) so I...
  2. Haxedus

    When to visit Japan?

    Hello! One of my life goals are visiting Japan, let's say for one month or so and I'm learning Japanese atm by myself because of that. When is the best time to visit Japan when I'd love to go to nature and just travel through like whole Japan? I love summer and high temperatures btw. Thanks for...
  3. Hida-takayama


    This was by far my favorite place in Japan that I went to. Traveling from Nagoya Station the trip took around two hours by train. I didn't mind the long ride however as the scenery on the way there was amazing. Compared to Nagoya which seemed really compact to me having just come from America I...
  4. K

    Travel Good place to go near tokyo.

    hello guys i'm headed to japan from march 31- April 9 and im flying into tokyo and staying in the ana continental hotel. I want to go see the nature side of japan like the forests, temples, mountains, etc. does anyone know some good places to go or cool events to see? This is my first and most...
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