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  1. SouroNox

    Looking for Japanese song, very few details

    I am looking for a japanese(probably) song. i dont remember the name of the song the artists name or anything. i have seen the video of the song so i will tell you how the video was. Based on that if someone can guide me to the song. There is a guy who saves a girl in an underground parking lot...
  2. J

    EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Exchange!

    Anyone who likes EDM (Electronic Dance Music) music, want to exchange some music on this thread, I would like to hear your songs if you listen to EDM! I got that Gaijin music to exchange and I have some good music regarding EDM.
  3. ShinobiE

    Wanted 【Looking for new friends who dance as Japanese Ninja in Japan !】

    I have formed a music performance team " The Galaxia Ninja" with Japanese comedians.When we usually are performing a live, and produce PV, Always my Japanese friends that like a ninja, liven up or are dancing in the back. But I am looking for a lot more of the Ninja fellow. If you're interested...
  4. Y


    Hi there, I would like to introduce this artist from my country. His name is Lightning. Inspired by visual kei he is the first one from Reunion Island who has signed with a japanese record label and he already worked with big people. He is actually produced in Japan. Here is his music video ...
  5. xTIDx

    Is this right?

    I've just started learning Japanese, so I'm just checking I translated this right. Would I love music be: わたしおんがくだいすき
  6. Davey

    Okinawan music

    Any recommendations for Okinawan songs?
  7. Shimesaba

    Wanted Band members required (for Japanese Blues Rock'n'Roll band)

    こんにちは。 (If I'm putting this article in a wrong place, it will be very appreciated if you let me know.) This is Shimesaba(My nickname) who's 27 years old guy livin'in Ikebukuro. I came back to Japan from the UK after staying there for 2 years. I'm looking for band members as below. Now I've...
  8. Jitter Doll Manga Drawing Cover

    Jitter Doll Manga Drawing Cover

    A cover I was working on.