music production

  1. M

    Would you like music made with me?

    Thank you for seeing. Ambient and free jazz, sometimes doing Indian classical music. I would like to aim for hybrid music by combining ethnic music with another genre. Activities in the unit are ideal, but there is everything. I am good at soundscapes, but I hope that it will change depending on...
  2. Nikitas

    Translation checking and suggestions for Japanese video clip intro.

    So guys I have this paragraph in English that I'm trying to get translated since I want to use it in my brother's video clip intro for a song. The song will be in Greek but the intro itself in Japanese. Now, I'm no expert in Japanese so I want to be SURE that what is said in the video is 100%...
  3. J

    Where to find Japanese Remix contests?

    Hello! New here, so I am grateful to be able to join the community :) Friends, I am looking for a Japanese remix competition to join, and sadly have not been able to find a source for these competitions. Does anyone know of a good site or have any advice for where to look? I just moved to...